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My Pension Advisor

2Growing old ensures peace but hardly any health security. So when you have an earning potential in and concerned about you and your families’ future, any improbable insurance scheme or general planning cannot be a shade then. What you need is an effective planning process that has, in a nut shell, learnt about the fluctuation and flexibility of todays’ promising economy.

Why you should have an effective pension plan?

Understanding the basic economy through the behavioural trends of stock market and spending habits of the population, we draw plans and anticipate certain future steps for our consumers based on all the demographical details and economic environment that will succeed it.
1. Post-retirement age points out towards a life that withdraws from the health security and savings options chosen wisely at a young age.
2. During the end of last fiscal year, it was understood that more and more invest returns plans are subscribed to in the Indian market.
3. A subtle indication that the growth of insurance and banking sector will promise better investment plans in the immediate future.
What is a bad pension plan?
1. Any plan where the returns are less than the expenses to meet with.
2. Discord between premiums and returns. Inconsistency in returns and bad customer services!
3. Hidden policies and schemes that will jeopardize your future plans.

How to find out the best pension plans?

1. Suggestively, there are thousands of policies available in the market that will give you customized input options.
2. Best pension plan schemes will secure your future and provide you with value for money services and timely returns.
3. With, MyPension advisor find such policies and schemes that are tailor made for you and shows you the right techniques of investment where you can benefit from excessive tax paying and other expenses that eat away your earnings.

Why MyPension Advisor will help you achieve a good pension plan?

Investment is always wise and acceptable if you want to draw a decent pension scheme that is both, inflation proof and comfortable!
Due to dearth of a fit and constant source of income and any such being a rarity during old-age, our advice to you is that your journey with us will bring you bundles of joy and comfort in your post retirement days.
Our team of selected skilled advisors are thunder herds of the stock market; our accountants are the Da Vincis of penetrating economic efficiency and our dedication as large as our confidence to service your priorities and needs.

********************************** Retirement ******************************* 

1. Why retirement planning?

Many people plan well in advance if they’re planning vacations or an outing. Studies have shown that a majority of people put more efforts and planning for a trip than for retirement. First thing everyone needs to accept and understand that retirement is no joke and your responsibility does not end at retirement.
The key factor to a happy, peaceful and comfortable retirement is an early start. Implementing a saving structure from earliest possible stage will help you in making a wiser decision. Most people fail to realize the fact that a luxury life and stretched spending will hinder efficient pension planning program.
To help you secure a convenient life post-retirement we have structured tailor made solutions based on individual needs and spending behaviour. Read below!

2. Why Pension plans are a must for you?

Post-retirement calls for a life that is both stress-free and consistent in terms of investment returns so that a desired lifestyle is not unattainable. An investment plan that has high risk offers maximum investment return in comparison to lower risked ones that fetch fewer pensions!
Pension not only provides valuable retirement benefits, but also sees you through rigid taxation clauses.
If you start investing 5 lakhs per annum from the age of 30, by the time you’ll be 40 and plan a retirement (an unlikely age for current market scope) you’ll easily get a premium of 3 lakhs and by the time you’re 80, you’ll encash whopping 2.76Cr rupees in premiums and returns!
Your investments are protected and secure hitherto market fluctuations, so that you can live non-stop in post-retirement years.

3. What are the benefits for NRI customers?

1. Applying for this plan is easy and all NRI customers can do it from anywhere on this planet.
2. With options to pay for, from min. 5 years, 7years to max. 10 years.
3. Avail returns that are fixed as invested in Government secured bond for yearly bonuses declared by Reserve Bank of India under Bond Price- 8-10% yearly on the sum.
4. No premium allocation charges whatsoever.
5. Re-patriable pension schemes that will be deposited in children’s name into NRE a/c after the death of the customer and spouse.
6. Min. age for entry- 25years. Maximum age of entry- 55years
7. Pension starts at 45 and free from creditors, taxation and legal or court attachments.
8. Tailor made plans to fit your choices and necessities so that you’ll avail maximum returns in your golden period.
9. Also gives financial security to your life-partner/nominee in case of an untimely demise within the policy years.
10. Period of maturity will see you- assured pension + bonuses attached
11. In regard to Govt. rules you can pick up the whole amount without taxation to it or in parts like a consistent income.
12. Choose to buy the best annuity from the market and let us assist you while we will do all the running around for you.
13. Other benefits include tax benefits under section 80C, Income Tax Act, 1961 and provisions within.

4. Frequently asked questions?

1. What is the earliest pension age? The earliest you can start with returns is 45 years.
2. Life is uncertain. What if anything happens to me before maturity? According to the payment terms if anything happens to you before maturity the company will grace the period for 30 days or until someone can revive it again in 2 years’ time. But the benefit will change. So, with aflexible plan where any person who takes up the payment of the missing period will have to pay a dormant fund, so on the date of maturity no money is lost
3. Do I get policy document/deed for pension plan? Yes
4. Is it possible for all members of the family to be part of the policy purchase? Definitely.
5. Can we change the pension plan after we opt for one? No. At the time of enrolling for the services, you need to read and understand all the policy regulations. 5 years, 7 years and 10 years are the usual time frame.
6. Can I/we take another policy while one is active? Yes. You can. It all depends on your affording strength.
7. What will happen if I die during the investment period? During such circumstances, your nominee will get the amount you’ve paid till then x 10 times + all the bonuses collective till then or can continue to pay the premium from corpus.
8. What are the age limits for pension plans? From 25 years to 55 years.
9. Are the figures indicated guaranteed? The figures described are a matter to change based on government regulations and policies. However, you’ll get the policy benefits for sure if the premium is on force.
10. Can I pay for two years together before or after that year? Yes. But the returns will not be same in cases like this but they’ll be guaranteed however.
11. How do I apply and what all documents do I need to bring along? Giving you the best services is our need and passion. Feel free to write to us or contact us at